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New Section Suggestions

I've made the Special Edition page into just a Special Edition pictures page and moved it into the Multimedia section under pictures.  I did this because the special edition page was becoming a page that was no longer able to be updated, due to the fact that it is pretty much over and done with.  However, this has left me with an open spot for a "main" section on the site.  I haven't been able to come up with an idea that was up to my standards for another section, so I'm turning to you guys (and gals), asking you for suggestions.  I'd really like the new section to be a section that is interactive with the visitors of the site in some way or another.  While it's not a requirement for the for the new section, I'd really like it to be interactive.  Let's see if together we can't come up with a great idea for the new section and make this site even better.  Thanks & MTFBWYA, Thrawn476

Below is an area in which you can make suggestions for the new section for Star Wars: Centerpoint Station.

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