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Return From The Shadows
By Tim Underwood



The New Republic has seamingly defeated the empire, so Luke Skywalker returns to Coruscant and is able to convince Leia to take time off from her duties as Chief of State so she can complete her Jedi training.

Han and Lando go to the tropical paradise planet of Caladia. While relaxing on the beaches of the planet, they get far more than they bargained for on their vacation.

While Luke, Han, and Leia are away, a dark Jedi woman, who was trained by Darth Vader has arisen and united remnants of the empire. Along with Admiral Pellaeon and former Admiral Daala (now a Captain), she plans to cut off the heroes of Yavin from outside contact and deal with Skywalker personally.

She plans to infiltrate the Jedi academy under the disguise of a Jedi trainee who survived the great purge, in an attempt to get in close with Skywalker and then destroy him.

Meanwhile, Admiral Pellaeon is using the powerful Imperial fleet and a couple pieces of deadly new technology in an attempt to destroy the New Republic.

For the first twelve chapters click here.

Future Chapters will be posted as they are completed.