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By Tim Underwood



Just when the New Republic thought they had won the war against the Galactic Empire, a new threat is brought against them led by a dark Jedi woman trained by Darth Vader himself and High Admiral Gorden, a cunning Imperial commander, who has just been broken out of a New Republic prison, where he has been planing his strategy. Together they plan to crush the New Republic by using a fleet of Capital Ships long hidden away, awaiting Gorden's arrival to take command, as well as new technology developed by some of the Empire's brightest scientist in a secret research facility in the Cron Drift.

Han and Lando, aboard the Falcon, work together in attempt to find the Empire's hidden base as Leia tries to hold together the New Republic, while Coruscant's elite medical staff fight to save Luke Skywalker's life after he recieved critical wounds in his battle with the dark Jedi, Lumiya.

The sequel to Return From The Shadows

Coming someday!!!