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By Tim Underwood & Aaron Doud

It is now twenty-seven years after the Battle of Endor. The New Republic has defeated the evil Galactic Empire. The New Republic is in a period of recovery. It is now a year after the end of a civil war that nearly destroyed the Republic. But, the recovery must wait. A new challenge is about to emerge from the ashes of the Empire.

A year before the battle of Yavin, the Emperor secretly sent out a fleet of warships to explore beyond the galaxy proper. Their orders were to conquer any civilizations they should come across in an attempt to expand the Empire's power. This fleet is about to return after a successful mission, only to find the Empire has crumbled and a New Republic in its place. Under the command of a dark Jedi and a grand admiral they plot to overthrow the Republic and restore a new order to the galaxy.

Coming someday!!!